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A common question we are asked is ‘what is a shortfill?’

In short, ‘shortfill’ means that the bottle used is a little oversized, leaving space to add Nic Shots. We use 60ml and 120ml bottles, if you order a 60ml you’ll get 50ml of juice, with 10ml space in the bottle in order to allow you to add the Nic Shot. If you order a 120ml, you’ll get 100ml of juice, with 20ml of space.

This is the norm in the vaping world, as since 2017 it has been illegal to sell juice in quantities of more than 10ml with Nicotine already added. The Nic Shots cannot be stronger than 20ml either due to the same legislation.

So how much Nicotine do you need to use? Well, we supply 18mg Nic Shots to make the maths involved easy.

If you add a 10ml Nic Shot to 50ml of 0mg juice, then you get 60ml of juice – hence the bottle size we use. The Nic Shot is 18mg, and once added to the juice it makes up 1/6th of the juice you have in the bottle. 18mg/6 makes 3mg! Thus 1 Nic Shot added to 50ml of juice gives you 3mg.

50ml + 1 Nic Shot = 3mg
50ml + 2 Nic Shots = approx 6mg
100ml + 2 Nic Shots = 3mg
100ml + 4 Nic Shots = approx 6mg

You will not be able to fit 2 full Nic Shots in a 60ml bottle, or 4 full Nic Shots in a 120ml bottle without removing a little bit of juice – vape it though, don’t waste it!

We don’t go above 6mg with Shortfills because adding too many Nic Shots dilutes the flavour.

Nice and easy then :), happy vaping!

Aspire Pockex

Most people start vaping quite simply to give up the smokes, and in order for that to be successful a 1st device needs to be able to tick several boxes.

Simple?  If something is fussy to use, it’s a common excuse employed to discard the vape and reach for a pack of cigs.  Battery life?  If the device is constantly having to be put on charge for an hour or 2, those B&H are very tempting while you are waiting! Does it satisfy the craving?  If you’re not getting the right type of hit from the juice to deal with the Nicotine cravings then the vape will soon be discarded.

The PockeX ticks all 3 boxes.  There’s no easier device on the market to fill or change the coil.  It has a 1500mAh battery which will last all day.  And there are 2 coil options, 0.6 and 1.2.  From customer feedback, we recommend the 0.6 for better vapour production and flavour.  Most people start with a 6mg or 12mg juice, depending on previous smoking habits.  It’s small, about the length of a biro, but solidly made and robust – and if you are unfortunate enough to crack the glass, replacement glass is plentiful and cheap.

Aspire is a reputable brand, they make solid, reliable devices which WORK, and the PockeX is no exception.  If you’re looking for a simple, practical, pen device with which to begin vaping, or to use as a 2nd device when on the move, it’s well worth considering.

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